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A New Start

Welcome to A New Start Sober Living Los Angeles

A New Start Sober Living is a sober living for men and women located in Culver City near West Los Angeles and the greater Los Angeles area. The tiered and highly structured program at A New Start Sober Living is the ideal environment to assist residents as they lay the foundation for new lives in recovery. It is the collective experience of our staff and our program structure that helps the residents move towards a healthy and meaningful life.

A New Start luxury Sober Living Homes can accommodate men and women 18 years and older in various stages on their road to recovery. Our staff and case managers will assist residents with a day-to-day plan of action that will help them get back to being productive members of society:

• Volunteer work

• Vocational training

• Continuing education

• 12 step meeting attendance

• Intensive Outpatient Program

A New Start Sober Living also helps residents in developing relationship skills and personal responsibility. Through the discipline and practice of taking care of their home and each other residents foster a new sense of gratitude for what they have:

• House chores

• Nightly curfews

• House meetings

• Random urinalysis testing

What is a Sober Living Environment?

After leaving a primary drug and alcohol treatment program newly sober alcoholics and addicts are faced with the overwhelming task of repairing lives broken as a result of addiction or have to build entirely new lives. They have physically healed and now need to heal mentally and emotionally without the temptation of drugs or alcohol. A New Start Sober Living is a safe living environment where newly recovering addicts and alcoholics are part of a sober community. With the guidance of a committed and knowledgeable staff and focused relapse prevention plan, the journey to a new sober life is just as important as the destination.

A New Start Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab

Intensive Outpatient allows clients all the therapeutic benefits of a residential rehab with more freedom, making it an excellent option for those just out of treatment or for anyone who requires a less acute level of care.

Our treatment program includes:

• Yoga

• Neurotherapy

• Process groups

• Family sessions

• Couples counseling

• Relapse prevention

• Anger management

• Mindfulness practice

• Art and music therapy

• Vocational/educational counseling

• One on one therapy with a licensed professional